Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Rejection is never fun. It's even less fun when it's going to end up costing about $300. And while I wasn't expecting it, the guy rendered a fair assessment. The front tires are pretty badly worn and in a couple places worn through to the tread. And the other item that needs to be fixed is the belt that controls the power steering. Pretty sure I knew about that one and had passed on getting it fixed before when I had the chance. So like I said, it's not like the guy was out to get me, it was a fair ruling. On the positive side, I'll be able to get a sticker for the next month now, and it's only going to cost me $1. And since the inspection sticker is $16 for a year, that means I'm saving a whopping 33 cents! And all it's going to cost me is $300 and a ton of my time. What a bargain!

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