Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Metal Blades On Frozen Water: The Movie

The above is a video of Quinn yesterday at the ice rink (although I do make a couple guest appearances). It's pretty long at three plus minutes, so I'm not going to be offended if people don't make it all the way through. The first minute and a half is probably the slowest, but I couldn't find anything I really felt needed to be cut. Think of this as the director's cut without having shown a theatrical version. All I can say is after watching the one fall he had, it's a really good thing he had this helmet on.

Update: A new version is showing. Ginger thought the other one was too defeatist, so I found a small clip of him skating without falling down and added it at the end.

1 comment:

Barry said...

Good movie. Great soundtrack and nice editing. I notice you flipped the video of the Zamboni in its second appearance. Looked good.

Quinn will get it. Using the cone is a good idea.