Sunday, January 21, 2007

First Real Snow Day

Missed church this morning due to Quinn and myself being sick. I tried sleeping most of the morning, to which Ginger commented that it's only a sore throat, and why do I need to sleep for a sore throat? Man, I really wish I had a good comeback for that one.

And for once the forecast proved accurate, it snowed today. I'm not sure how much we got total, but it was late enough before it actually stopped that we didn't get the kids outside (not that Quinn could have gone anyway with him being under the weather). Both kids really want to go out and help shovel the driveway. Meanwhile I'm thinking to myself "Help?", heck, I'll pay you if you do the whole thing without me.

I'm hoping the snow sticks around for a day or more so that we can actually have the kids go and out and play in it. It sure looks like it would be fun. Maybe we'll try sledding again provided the snow sticks around and I can get some video of that. I've learned my lesson though, if I do a sledding video again I would definitely shorten the length.


Buddy Tignor said...

sick again...I think you guys should move away from Northern Virginia...that dark cloud over Washington D.C. is affecting your health :-)

JamesF said...

Tell me about it. On the positive side this is the first time I personally have gotten sick in a good while. But poor Quinn seems to be catching something every couple weeks. Part of me believes it has to be related to the fact that he doesn't actually eat a balanced diet, and even though we give him vitamins, that's apparently not enough to make up for the lack of other foods.