Thursday, January 18, 2007

Pseudo Justice League

Still no ice skating movie. Spent tonight getting the new drive up and running, which took a lot longer than it should have since I didn't know how to do that in XP and spent a couple reboots wondering why it wasn't showing up under "My Computer". Once it was visible I hade to wait forever for it to actually format the drive. I spent that time upstairs watching Scrubs with Ginger and then watching Smallville after Ginger went to bed. Tonight's episode was "Justice", a play on the formation of a "Justice League" having Clark team up with a bunch of hero characters (Green Arrow, Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman) that have been introduced at different times over the years on the show. Still not sure why Aquaman made the team. Thank goodness the warehouse they had to infiltrate was on a pier, otherwise he would have been even more extraneous.

The show did have some really good one liners though. Aquaman's "It's always fish jokes." Clark getting tagged with the code name "Boy Scout". And my personal favorite of the night was after Flash is captured by Lex. Flash states he wants a lawyer, to which Lex replies "And I want a ponytail, disappointment abounds." Good stuff. Some stuff was pretty predictable, such as the gratuitous 'each individual using their power during the infiltration' shots and the mandatory slow motion group scene as stuff blows up in the background. Overall I thought the producers did a fairly decent job of not having the show come across as campy, but at the same time didn't try to take itself too seriously. As a whole though it was a lot better than I was expecting it to be.

I tried getting some pictures of the kids tonight. They didn't really seem to want to cooperate, although Quinn did better than Catherine. These days Catherine seems to be in full blown defiant mode where she just doesn't do what you tell her to, so having her sit for pictures for an extended period is pretty tough. I assume she's so defiant because this is her stage where she's trying to figure out what her boundaries are. I'm hoping she figures them out soon and we can quickly get past this current stage.

And this shot I just kind of liked, although I think the lighting could have been better.

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Scott said...

What is that last picture? It looks like a hair clog in the shower drain with those little moisturizing beads stuck in it. Yuck!