Thursday, January 04, 2007

Christmas Wayback Machine

A Christmas from long a time ago, in a city far far away...

Curt really seems to have liked his Lubrimagic gift. And for more current stuff, it was cold yesterday morning.


CAPT_Sawyer said...

My sister is in that first picture...I had almost forgotten that as we were both in Richmond when that party took place I brought her along.

More frightening than the lube is my glasses. What was I thinking? And I had so much more hair then, both in quantity and length. Sigh. I'd like the quantity back.

And weren't we warned that one of the people in the party had very little sense of humor or was easily offended or something and so we had to tone it down? I think it was the girl in the bottom row, far right.

I also recall that my sister (bottom row, far left) got something called sticky hand as her white elephant gift and that it was a sticky hand (surprise!) on a long piece of elastic or something that you could flick at a wall or whatever and it would stick. I seem to recall that she hit the ceiling fan with it and the hand and its trailing elastic and handle were whipping around the room until Kim ended the fun by pulling it off.

Good times.

-r said...

I really like the frosted leaf picture.