Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ice Skating: Week 3

Quinn seems to be mostly recovered from whatever he had. I still have a semi persistent cough and my nose won't stop running. At least it didn't until I bought some Claritin D, which I didn't really know about having to get from behind the pharmacy counter until Barry told me about it. If only I had visited the website first, I could have gotten an ecoupon and saved $4. That stuff for the most part dried my sinuses right up. The only problem is the "non-drowsy" claim. Now I'm probably still somewhat run down just because I'm sick, but once I took the stuff I felt completely exhausted.

Quinn had another ice skating lesson today. I had to miss his lesson time since I was at work making up for yesterday's lost time. Luckily Ginger had the camera with her and got some pics. From the report I heard he fell down a bit more and had more trouble getting up today than he did last week. Like me, this is probably because he's still not completely recovered yet. Ginger did say a couple of the times after he fell down he would start making snow angels on the ice. And at one point he was doing good enough to try and race some other kids, so he's doing fine I think. He did have another pretty bad fall where he cracked the back of his head which still hurt him even with the bike helmet. Let me tell you what, we're getting our money's worth out of that bike helmet. Meanwhile Catherine just hung out and played her handheld VSmile video game (at least I think that's the VSmile).

After skating everyone went home and the rest of the day was fairly uneventful I think, except we had some visitors in the backyard, so more deer were making their way through the woods. Pics are once again by Ginger.

And finally I can't have Ginger hogging all the picture glory, so here's a couple I took back during the snow.

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BullBunky said...

I had to stop taking Claritin D because it was giving me psychedelic nightmares. Seriously.