Monday, January 22, 2007

Snow / Sick Day

Schools were two hours late today. Since Catherine only goes to school from nine to noon, a two hour delay means there's really no point in her going. And Quinn is still somewhat under the weather, so he wasn't going to go either (although he seems to be doing a lot better, not coughing near as much and we're down to just a runny nose). I, on the other hand, still ended up feeling like crap and didn't go into work. And later we found out Catherine's ballet class for today was also canceled, so no one really left the house all day.

Since no one had to go to school and I (as mentioned previously) felt like crap, I slept in some. Once I got up, I wasn't feeling a lot better, but I saw Ginger and Catherine were on their way outside to scrape the driveway.

I decided that didn't seem right, no matter how sick I am, so I quickly suited up and headed out to help. The snow had turned to light rain over the night, which with the really low temperatures had quickly formed a very thin sheet of ice over everything. The driveway was really easy to clean since the ice was only on top of the snow, and not on the driveway itself. The problem arose when I finished and came back inside. That tiny bit of effort had completely wiped me out. I came back inside and showered and rested a little bit, then decided to work from home for the rest of the day since I had some of the stuff I'm working on here (and realistically if I'm this bad, it would probably be better not to infect everyone else at work anyway).

And during that time when I was working, I discovered something. I simply cannot telecommute. It's not that I don't want to, because believe me, I would love to. But when I'm here and trying to work, the kids (who are also here) don't seem to get the fact that I'm working and are constantly interrupting me and trying to get me to do stuff (the worst was Quinn using GTalk and IM'ing and calling me from upstairs). I finally was able to make some real progress when they took a nap, but after that it was back to the same problems. Although later in the evening Quinn was distracted by some new NASCARs he got in the mail from where we did one of those mail-in offers from Kelloggs, so from then on I was left to my own devices and got a lot done.

Unfortunately with me being under the weather, we never got to go sledding (which would have been a blast on the ice I think). So no pictures or anything of that, but here's a couple more photos I took from yesterday. I personally like the pine tree one, but still think it's missing something.

Around the midnight hour, did anyone that uses Google's homepage to track blog rss feeds suddenly notice anything different? Like posting dates and rockers. The dates are nice, but I'm not sure what the rocker is suppose to do. Updated: Ok, it appears the rockers can expand to show some of the post text, but only some of blogs have this feature (more don't than do it seems). I don't see the rhyme or reason yet of what makes a blog qualify for text within the rocker.

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CAPT_Sawyer said...

The cats are not usually as demanding on my time when I'm telecommuting (although I have one on my lap right now who is making typing quickly a little difficult).