Friday, January 19, 2007

The Wait Is Over

Now that the new drive is up and installed I transferred over ~60 Gig of video data and deleted it from the old drive, so I have space again (for a while anyway). Making this video took a lot longer than I would have liked. What should have been about an hour of editing ended up being around 3 instead. This is due to Movie Maker being a steamy pile of poo when it comes to dealing with huge amounts of data. Now admittedly since I converted mov files to avi files the resulting uncompressed video files were absolutely huge, and that got doubled when I messed with the reverse video also (when all was said and done the program was probably dealing with two to three gig of data between all the various clips). There's gotta be buffer overruns or something occurring in the program. The video played correctly in preview mode, but when you went to save it, the effect applied to a segment would be applied to all subsequent segments also. And sometimes it would just stop saving the movie at about a third of the way through. I ended up having to break the video up and saving three mini movies which I then imported and combined into the whole. This has the unfortunate effect of applying some compression to the video twice, so it's a lot fuzzier than it should be. Anyway, enough about that. The video is pretty long clocking in at roughly three and a half minutes. It's in three sections. The first part shows Quinn during the lesson portion as the class is learning how to keep their balance (by practicing mini jumps). The second section is free skate time where Quinn was doing really well at going back and forth across the rink. The last section is where he started getting cocky and tried to race some of the other kids (with somewhat predictable results). As you'll be able to see he showed a lot of improvement from last week, to the point where he's able to get up after a fall quite easily now.


Buddy Tignor said...

Jack Johnson is the perfect soundtrack for the ice skating clip!

gaz. arrggg! said...

that's a piece of film to treasure m8!
he's come on so much in such a short time. bravo little man.

JamesF said...

Thanks for the nice words guys.