Saturday, January 13, 2007

Rainy Saturday

Sort of a low key day today. Didn't do a whole lot initially and just hung out at the house. A large part of this was because I personally didn't get up until almost 11. I should clarify that, I didn't get up for good until then. I was up earlier in the morning with Quinn who was having problems because he had a stomach ache. After I eventually got him to go back to sleep, I went back to bed also. Not sure what the deal with that was, but from what Ginger said later he was almost all better by 10 or so.

Check out Catherine in the picture. She's wearing jeans. This was actually quite a struggle to get her to wear these. I didn't even bother trying. See, I had tried to get Catherine to wear jeans a long time ago, and Ginger and her Mom convinced Catherine at the time that she didn't want to wear the jeans and wanted to wear more girly clothes. So today when Ginger tried to get Catherine to wear a pair of jeans it turned into 45 minutes of Catherine running around the house with no pants and yelling that she doesn't like jeans and wasn't going to wear them. I'm still not sure exactly what Ginger did to get her to wear them, but she still insists she doesn't like them. Which is a shame, because she looks pretty good in them.

Once we got a bit motivated, we were going to go for a walk since the weather was so nice. It started raining right before we went though and at the last minute Quinn decided he didn't want to go and I would have to stay at home with him while Catherine and Ginger went out for a walk. I'm fairly certain that the reason Quinn wanted to stay at home was he thought that since it was Saturday and it was raining that he was going to be able to play on his Gamecube, which he asked he could play almost as soon as Ginger and Catherine were out of sight. Smart kid. I told him no, and later learned he had already asked Ginger to play that morning and she had said no. So he's got the whole "If one parent says no, ask the other one" scam down pat it would seem.

The picture of Catherine looking a bit perturbed above is because when she came back from her walk, she wanted to get the mail, but found out that I had already gotten it. That's her giving me "the look".

We later ended up going out to Lowe's and a hobby store to get some wood for Quinn and his new cutting tools. After that we went to a new Red Robin. I didn't like this one as much as the one we normally go to. It was more cramped and there were significantly less TVs in the place.

And finally, I told Quinn I would put up a picture or two of his stuff today. Unfortunately a lot of the pictures he took were whitewashed and out of focus because he tends to try to take macro pictures with a camera that doesn't really have a macro capability. This is one of the ones that actually turned out in focus though.


gaz. arrggg! said...

i've been looking on with envy at the weather you guys have been having and today it looks like we exchanged, while you've had some rain - it's been gorgeous here.
thanks for sending it over!

JamesF said...

Not a problem, even with the rain it's been pretty warm. Today was overcast all day with the occaisional slight drizzle but still in the mid 60s.