Saturday, January 20, 2007

Short Update Due To Impending Sickness

I had the kids all day today since Ginger was attending an all day scrapbooking session. We met Rob and his kids for lunch since Gretchen was attending the scrapbooking event also. After that we all came back to our place for some playtime.

Quinn's had a runny nose most of the day, and the later it gets the worse he's getting. He has a full blown cough going now that's actually preventing him from being able to sleep since it keeps waking him up. Although he had me stay in there with him while he tried to go to sleep, so I doubt I'm going to be able to avoid getting this one. Right now Ginger has him and is attempting to rock him to sleep. Looks to be a long long night in the making at this rate. I personally have had a sore throat since this morning that also has been getting worse as the day continues (I'm downing Halls as if they were Pez at the moment). Needless to say none of this bodes well for the future.

All this and we're suppose to get snow tomorrow. Which is really going to stink if we do since Quinn and Catherine have been looking forward to it snowing for about a month now, and based on how Quinn looks now he is going to have to miss out of being able to go out and play in it (since there's no way I can justify letting him do that if he's as sick tomorrow as he is now).

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