Monday, January 08, 2007

The Pooping Moose

Every time I watch this I crack up. Especially when she does the deep voice impersonation at the beginning. I just love it. It's a pretty short video, under a minute. I really need to thank KennyG again for giving me that jellybean dispenser last year. The kids, and Catherine in particular, just love it. And yes, I know it's not really a moose and it is actually suppose to be a reindeer (but by calling it a moose we get to keep it out all year now since it's not tied to Christmas).

Monday morning in general are usually pretty bad around here. Over the weekend the kids will get used to not going to school, so it's always a bit of an adjustment for them and a struggle for Ginger and myself to get them ready to go back to school on Monday morning. This morning was particularly painful as the kids were pretty tired and Quinn had problems just waking up.

Fun photo from the past weekend. I debated on switching this to black and white, but I'm not convinced I know the best conversion method since stuff that I convert to black and white never seems to have the stark contrasts I would expect.


gaz. arrggg! said...

cute video m8.

after converting the photo to greyscale try adjusting the contrast and mid-tones.
i have to say though that the colours are so bold that i'd be tempted to leave it.

Scott said...

Man, that moose has a serious case of diarrhea!

-s said...

Just stop comparing it to the stuff I shoot with B&W film :).

-s said...

And actually, what you're probably missing more than the contrast is the grain pattern of the film.

JamesF said...

-s: Just stop comparing it to the stuff I shoot with B&W film :).

I was actually comparing to some of gaz's stuff. Not implying your stuff isn't good, but I think the majority of the B&W stuff of your's I've seen are people pictures (which is a completely different area than what I was referring to, although I haven't really had any people pictures I feel good about after converting to B&W either, so maybe you're onto something).

There are only a couple examples at Gaz's public site, but I've seen lots of B&W stuff he's done (with what I assume is a digital camera) that look really nice and have the really stark contrast in colors. At the moment though, I've only been using picasa for photo manipulation, and I don't think there's an option there to mess around with the contrast (other than to have the program try and pick what it thinks is the best contrast). So maybe it's a tools problem.

Buddy Tignor said...

We gave Christine's parents a toy penguin like that a few years ago and it came with some licorice jelly beans which had a startling effect!