Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I Missed Cookies

It's Tuesday, that means Quinn has his ice skating lessons. I stopped by for the end of the lesson this week. He seemed to be doing okay, but he seemed really tired today, which was causing him to have a bit of trouble staying up. He still did pretty good, but if he went down, he would get 'wet' and then complain very loudly about it. The ice seem to have like a very light and thin layer of snow on it. I know it wasn't snow, but it was almost like powdered ice. This would get on his gloves, which then he would complain about them being wet, and it also ended up soaking through his pants around the knees pretty bad from where he would rest on his knee as he was getting back up. Next week I think the plan is to make him wear his snow pants (he hasn't wanted to wear them, but if he's going to complain that much when his pants get wet, he should be wearing the pants where they can't really get wet).

When he was concentrating he was moving at a fairly good clip. And I noticed him and some of the other kids skate around together. So he's getting a lot more control at this point. I don't think he's gliding yet though, except for maybe brief periods where he's trying to regain his balance.

Some of the more experienced skaters tried to show me how to skate backwards (these were the adults, not the kids). I can do it, but only at a snail's pace it (for reference I can go backwards at about 1/4 to 1/3 the speed Quinn can go forwards). They were trying to teach me because I had mentioned that if I could only skate backwards I could probably get some good pictures of Quinn out on the ice. Currently I skate in front of him and twist my torso around to take a picture behind me while still skating forward (I'm basically an accident waiting to happen). And where was Catherine during all this you ask (or maybe you don't ask, doesn't matter, it won't stop me from telling you)? She was playing with some of the other littles that were there and hanging out with Ginger.

I got home late tonight due to a combination of making up time from where I went to watch Quinn skate and simply being completely swamped at work. Since I got home late, I missed a cookie making / decorating session. Which is too bad, because it looks like I might have gotten to sample a couple cookies had I been there.


Scott said...

No offense, but if you can skate backward, then you're a girl.

JamesF said...

Scott: No offense, but if you can skate backward, then you're a girl.

I double dog dare you to tell that to a professional hockey player (or was that comment specifically for me).

One of the best skaters there with the kids is a guy who plays hockey.

Scott said...

Nah, I'm just shootin' off at the mouth because I can't skate backwards myself.

Scott said...

WHAT??!?!?!? NO POST FOR JANUARY 31? You will never get that day back! Oh, how am I ever going to cope?!?!


JamesF said...

Ask you shall receive.