Monday, January 01, 2007

All Is Quiet On New Year's Day

Quinn and I went to work for a while this afternoon. He got bored within a couple of hours this time. I'm thinking this may have cured him of wanting to tag along when I go in, but we'll see.

When we got home Catherine and Ginger had made Crispy Chocolate Chip cookies (and that doesn't mean they were overcooked, but the recipe they used called for Corn Flakes) and some more of Catherine's soon to be patented Lemon / Lime soda (or the Number 1). In addition to all that Ginger made me a cheesecake. Not a fake one like the ones I make, but a real one that is very tasty if I say so myself.

I've been meaning to post some more of the shots from Christmas, but never got around to it. So here they are. I figure if I don't get these out of the way now, it'll look odd posting them when it's Catherine's birthday.

And I don't think I mentioned before, but for Christmas Quinn got a lot of tools like a hand powered drill, a hammer, a level, safety goggles and other stuff for building things. He built a boat with some help from Pop Pop. The finished product is what you see there at the end. (in case you were wondering what that was suppose to be).

Finally, I got the post title from U2's New Year's Day song which I started thinking about because of today, and found the video is online here. All I can say is watching that really made me feel old when you see how young those guys were back then.

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gaz. arrggg! said...

here's me starting a diet and you're harping on about cookies and cheesecake.

happy new year to you and yours.