Friday, January 12, 2007

New Coats

The kids got new winter coats not too long ago. Before this week I wasn't sure they were going to get to use them. But with the cold weather this week they broke them out. For whatever reason, both of them really enjoy zipping the coats all the way up so that their mouths are covered and then walking around and mumbling so you can't understand a word they say. My kids can be a bit odd at times. Both kids really want it to snow and have a significant amount fall and stick. I've tried telling them it might not happen, but they're currently convinced it will. I'm wondering if they know something I don't.

And tonight I got some pictures of Catherine in her new hat. I don't know why, but I really like the way the hat looks.

I finished watching 24 Season 5 tonight. Still not sure if I'll actually watch season 6 when it debuts this weekend, but a lot of people have been telling me that seeing the show in HD is really nice (versus the DVDs which I'm just watching using S-Video out). Ginger and I also watched last night's "My Name Is Earl" tonight, and I must say the various "My name is ..." sketches were pure genius.

An finally, a picture taken with my new little point and shoot camera from my office at work. There's obviously some issues with the light sensitivity since from the look of the picture there are tree branches have been completely overtaken by the light of the setting sun (or maybe the sun just burned through the trees, yea, that's the ticket).


Barry said...

I think the kids are right. Snow is coming. In the Post last week they were talking with VDOT about all the money they would save ($82M) if it didn't snow. VDOT said they were jinx'ing them, but then seriously said that VA's average first date of more than fractions of inch of snowfall was... January 23rd. That was surprising to me, but means there is still a lot more of winter to come.

-s said...

If it snows be sure to set up a perimeter so they won't be able to get out. Wait..uh...