Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ice Skating : Week 2

Since it's Tuesday that means today was the day Quinn's class goes ice skating. I'll say this, he showed a huge improvement over last week. That's not to say he still didn't fall down occasionally, but when he did fall, he was able to get back up. Also he didn't fall anywhere near as much as he did last week, and he got to the point where he's able to skate across the rink without falling. The couple of times he did fall was when he would pay too much attention to other things going on in the rink, or when he was simply trying to go too fast (there were times where he was moving at what I would consider a slow run / jogging speed).

I think the lessons they give at the beginning are really helping. The teacher had them skate around a circle in the ice to practice turning. And they also did some stand in place and jump exercises to practice balance.

Even though I was out on the ice last week, when I first went out this week it was as if I hadn't been out in ages and I felt like I had to relearn everything all over again. Eventually I started feeling comfortable and even took my camera and the video camera out on the ice to get some shots and film. Looking back, taking the D70 out with the new lens probably isn't the smartest thing to do.

And based on the pictures I pulled off the camera, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Ginger let the kids play outside for a bit once they got home from ice skating.


Ginger said...

When we got home we had a brief period of snow flurries. The pictures of the kids outside are of them "eating" snow.

JamesF said...

That goes a long way towards explaining the picture of Quinn with his tongue out then. I was wondering about that one.