Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ice Ice Skating

Today was ice skating day at Quinn's school. For the next month or so the kids in the extended day classes at Quinn's school will be going ice skating in the afternoons one day a week. Since this was the first day and it was Quinn's first time ever ice skating, I went also (I convinced Ginger that her and Catherine should come along also). To say he was bit unstable at first would be an understatement. They had lessons for the kids and the various skill levels. Quinn was relegated to the extreme beginner area obviously. He stayed up initially a lot longer than I thought he would (maybe three minutes), but then he fell. And once he fell, he kept falling. Then it was like that old lady in the commercial "I've fallen and I can't get up." This stage lasted for a long time, to the point where eventually Quinn was just crawling across the ice.

I went ahead and got skates myself at this point thinking I could at least help him some so he didn't get too discouraged. By the time I got the skates and got them laced, He was actually standing for a minute or so between falls. And let me say, I've only been ice skating maybe three or four times in my life, but I didn't do too bad (I did way better than Ginger thought I would since she was convinced I was going to fall on my butt). It's not that different from rollerblading, which I'm not great at, but can do good enough.

At this point the teacher of his group promoted him to the slightly better than extreme beginner class since he was "moving faster than the other kids." Translation, all the kids in the group he was in were smaller than him and when he would lose control he would bump into them, so promoting him fixed that problem. It actually worked out well, since the next level group was practicing going back and forth across the rink, which he was actually able to do by then (he was still waving his arms like mad to get his balance, but he was able to stand up a lot longer).

After the lessons were over it was time for free skate for all the kids. Quinn would occasionally go out on the ice a little ways and then head back to the sidelines. Later he started using one of the cones as a crutch, he did pretty good with it, but I'm worried now he's always going to want a cone to go out on the ice.

It snowed here tonight. Not a lot. Just enough to dust the ground a bit and possibly enough that tomorrow morning the roads will be icy. But it's weird how two days ago it was low 70s and people are running around in shorts and today it's snowing. What's up with that? Anyway, I tried taking some pictures, nothing too good turned out since it was so dark I could barely see what I was focusing on at any given time.


CAPT_Sawyer said...

Ice skating is something I have never done. I have also never roller-bladed. But since I grew up in the 80s, I did rollerskate and I sucked at that. I've always been more of a brute-force and ignorance kind of "sports" person.

Buddy Tignor said...

Robert Matthew Van Winkle may just sue you for creative infringement on that title. He's a bad dude from the upper middle class burbs...you better look out!

JamesF said...

How sad is it that I had to use Wikipedia to verify that was actually the name of Vanilla Ice.