Friday, January 26, 2007

Random Bits

Arrrrgh! After ranting about how crappy that Ultimate Avengers video was I forgot to update my Netflix queue once I returned it and now they're sending me Ultimate Avengers 2. Cue me screaming "Nooooooooo" while camera pans up and around in Kirk screaming Khan mode.

So I saw in the entertainment news today (as it pertains to comic books) that Katie Holmes is going to pass on appearing in the next Batman film (The Dark Knight). Now I have to assume the next Batman movie has a production budget comparable to the first one (around 150 Million). So instead, she's going to appear with Queen Latifah in "Mad Money" (whose total budget is like 12 million). That seems like it would have been a no-brainer decision. Is she nuts? I mean I know everyone thinks Tom is crazy, but who knew crazy was contagious.

I got home too late to really see the kids tonight. Catherine was already in bed asleep and Quinn was reading books with Ginger before hopping into bed himself. Good thing the weekend is coming up. Maybe I can take some pictures (because I never do that). And speaking of pictures, here's a couple more from earlier in the week.

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-s said...

Well now that the Scientologists have named Tom Cruise the second coming of L. Ron Hubbarb, she probably doesn't need to work for the money. All roles are now for propaganda reasons only.