Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Exciting times here. Kids are in bed. Ginger went to sleep about hour ago. That's a picture of me taking a couple minutes away from working on the blog to go photograph the ball dropping. I vaguely remember a time many years ago where all of us would gather and there would be a party on this night. Ahhh, good times!


Scott said...

Happy New Year!

Barry said...

Happy New Year.

Our New Year's was about the same. I lamented that it was too bad we didn't try and plan something with friends; but then I couldn't think of a plan that would work well. Turned out for the best, we spent the hour before 2007 waiting for the on-call pediatrician to call us back because Reuben's coughing was not being controlled by the albuterol. While we waited, I sat with him in a steamy bathroom for about 20 minutes and that finally got the coughing under control.

Buddy Tignor said...

Christine and I were thinking the same thing as we sat reading in bed at about 11:30 pm :-)

A few years ago we almost got stranded in a 'First Night' celebration in Burlington, VT during a snowstorm.

We managed to cover 18 miles to home in about 3 hours and then I proceeded to slide into her car with my truck in our ice covered driveway!

When I remember that one...staying home seems OK.