Saturday, January 27, 2007

Grammy And Pop Pop Stop By

Grammy and Pop Pop came up for a short visit today. The real reason for their visit was to take back the sewing machine of their's we were borrowing (they needed it for something). In reality I suspect the ulterior motive was really to drive for 4+ hours just so they could go out to lunch for 3 hours. That's right, they came up just to pick up one item, and then went out to Artie's for lunch.

Before they arrived the kids made some cards for Pop Pop since it'll be his birthday soon. They used Ginger's stamping / scrapbooking stuff. They really got into it. When everyone went to lunch I bailed since I don't really like the food at Artie's and lunch there always turns into a marathon session lasting hours upon hours. I hear Quinn was an eating machine though and ate a ton of food (no new foods mind you, just a lot of stuff he normally eats).

And they wouldn't be grandparents unless the kids got some stuff when they came up.

Catherine just loves playing in the snow. And since it's so cold and the front of our house gets almost no sun, we still have some in front of the house. Here she's kicking snow onto the driveway. The only problem with that is she's wearing Mary Janes. I'm assuming the snow will eventually melt, and if we have a couple more days like today where it's almost 60 degrees, I suspect it won't be long before it's completely melted.

This was Quinn before he left pretending to drive and talk to some NASCAR drivers on the cell phone. Someone needs to tell him it's not safe to talk on your cell while driving.

And who is that handsome devil in the reflection in the glasses?

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