Sunday, December 31, 2006

Iron Chefs: Catherine And Quinn

The kids made lunch today. One of the things Catherine got for Christmas was a kid's cook book. Ever since then she's been itching to try making some of the stuff in her new book. Quinn didn't want to be left out, so the both of them made lunch for everyone today (with supervision of course). Today was Lemon-Lime soda and cheese sandwiches.

That's the 'soda'. The kids squeezed their own lemon and lime juice to make the soda for Ginger and myself. Then they added in some club soda to give it some fizz. And yes, it looks a bit like urine. You have to work past that when you drink it. And while we told the kids we loved it, it had quite the bitter kick to it. Let's just say that Sprite doesn't need to be too worried about the kids making any significant gains in their market share at this point. Truth be told, if they toned down the amount of lemon and lime, it probably wouldn't be too bad.

Next up, cheese sandwiches. There were merely tortilla with some cheese in the middle. Above you can see Ginger enjoying the one Catherine made for her (and her 'soda'). And in the picture below, you can see Quinn is actually eating his (it's a post Christmas miracle). There's several reasons he's doing this. One is he made the sandwich himself. Two is the amount of cheese he put on his entire sandwich was really small. If there was a tablespoon of cheese total I would be surprised, but the amount of cheese there isn't as important as the fact that he ate it know it was there, no matter how little. The last reason is Karen (of 3KDS&1DG) loaned us a brush that is suppose to help Quinn eat new stuff. I personally have my doubts as to whether the brush works on a scientific level, but on a psychological level it obviously does since he told us part of the reason he could eat the new sandwich was because of the brush. Behold the power of suggestion.

For dinner Catherine made the 'black drink' in her cookbook. This was suppose to be something akin to a Chocolate Banana Milk Shake Smoothie thing with banana, cocoa, and crushed ice and milk. That thing tasted bad. Quinn actually tried it twice (I was shocked). But I hear it got a lot better when Ginger put some Hershey's chocolate syrup into it. We rounded out the day after dinner by driving the kids around a couple of neighborhoods to see some Christmas lights and decorations before they're all put away in the next couple of days.


-s said...

We in the sticks refer to tortillas with cheese in the middle as "quesadillas."

You could rename the beverages "#1" and "#2."

JamesF said...

Yea, I know they're "quesadillas". But it's easier to convince Quinn to eat something that thinks he's at least eaten in the past. He's eaten cheese sometimes, so he doesn't think it's something completely new if we call it a cheese sandwich.

And I really like that idea for beverage names.