Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Actually... Come!

The kids have picked up some phrases and speaking mannerisms. Not sure exactly where they got them from to be honest. With Catherine, just about every other sentence starts with "Actually". "Actually, I ate all my granola." "Actually I don't want to do that." "Actually we're going to go to the park." It's one of those things where now that I've started to notice it, it's all I hear when she talks.

Quinn's new phrase is not quite as cute. It's "<Insert Person's Name>! Come!" He can't politely ask you to come to where he is, he has to yell and demand it. "Daddy! Come!" It comes across as very bossy. I've heard him do it with other kids also, so I'm hoping they don't get offended (although with kids I doubt they understand why that phrase might be considered offensive).

I watched Bone Collector last night. I thought this was going to be good. Netflix even assured me I would like it based on my previous ratings. I had this foolish idea that it would be some interesting type of thriller or something. Turns out it was extremely weak all around. The plot was pathetic and so many situations have to occur for the story to work where there's no way it would *ever* happen that way in real life. It's just completely ridiculous. Angelina Jolie plays Amelia, a beat cop with a 'knack' for forensic that suddenly finds herself working for Denzel Washington, who was apparently some whiz bang forensic scientist back in the day before he went and got himself paralyzed, but now he's taken Amelia under his wing and is sending her (without any formal training) into crime scenes to process them. Having him mutter clues to himself in what feels like a variation of chain letter game as he sorts through clues to come up with some obscure answer (that just happens to be exactly what the killer intended) then coming up with some off the wall explanation of why it 'makes sense' just seems bizarre. There's a mystery that's there only for the sake of providing a mystery. To be honest, it feels like they're fighting E. Nigma (the Batman villian also known as the Riddler). The whole movie just reeks of bad writing and Denzel seems to be just phoning this one in since he's playing a role where every scene with him in it has him lying down. Must be nice making some serious actor salary bank and not even having to really do anything other than lie in a bed. Do yourself a favor and skip this one, I wish I had.


Barry said...

I think Reuben and Jacob are just now passing out of the "Actually" phase. It made Karen and I very aware of when we said it, which actually turned out to be a lot.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

Tell him that's what my 19-month old daughter does. Ask him if he wants to act like a 19-month old girl.

That'll cure him.