Friday, April 18, 2008

You Can Dress Her Up, In A Dress

Catherine was wearing a new dress today. The picture of Catherine is once again by Ginger. I'm pretty sure Grandmaw gave her this dress. It looks like one of those empire waist type dresses. Since it was a gift I'll spare everyone and not go into a rant on my personal feelings about empire waist dresses. I will say it is very colorful.

And here we have some art that Catherine did in school. She's quite the artist. The top picture is of a fair - in the middle is a roller coaster, and on the right is a slide. The bottom picture is of Quinn, Dad and Catherine. She is the one with the hair on the bottom left.


-rb said...

(this has nothing to do with catherine--let's speak in terms of the fashion for adults...)

Since the whole point of the empire waist dress is to:
- enhance the bust
- hide the pear shape figure

so what's your problem with them? You don't like breasts? Or you prefer to enjoy the pear shape figure as nature intended?

"I just don't like them" isn't a good enough answer. Let's have some *real* introspection! :-)

JamesF said...

Actually I do believe "I just don't like them" is a good enough answer. It is a subjective thing and something about them has always bothered me.

However, if I really look at why I don't like them I think it's the fact that it screws with the expected perspective. Like if that's actually the waist (which is where I expect the waist to be when I see a waist line) then it makes it look like they have freakishly long legs and a stubby torso.