Thursday, April 03, 2008

Interrupted Slumbers

Quinn may have started to get whatever is working it's way through our house (KennyG told me today when I was mocking his loss of sick leave it would cause this to happen and it appears he was right). He's been coughing a lot at night (although we suspect that's due to pollen and his allergies), but tonight he was feeling a little warm also and was running a mild temperature (which again may or may not have been a valid reading since he had been laying down prior to take the reading). And tonight when Quinn was sleeping he had some kind of nightmare (possibly because of a fever induced dream) and called us into his room. Mind you, he wouldn't tell us what happened in the dream, just that it had scared him. So we reassured him and tried to get him to return to sleep (which as I type this I can still hear him coughing in his room).

That got me thinking about the power of dreams. I can recall many a time where in the morning Ginger will relay some dream she had during the night in which I did something that made her mad, and then for most the day she'll be mad at me for whatever this perceived slight was from her dream. Now I don't mind taking heat when I actually screw up (which I might add, I do a lot), but it doesn't seem quite fair for me to get in trouble for something I didn't actually do.

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dashrb said...

Dreams are a great way to work through internal conflict. Perhaps in her dream she's mad at you, and what lingers throughout the day is her internal frustration that you have this power to make her mad. Maybe she doesn't really *want* to be mad, and the purpose of the dream is to help her work through that situation internally.

Naturally, it would be easier for her if you would just change yourself so that you stop making her mad to begin with.