Saturday, April 19, 2008

Finally Tried No Training Wheels

Catherine had a birthday party to attend today. It was at the bowling alley, so Quinn and I went also and got a lane and bowled while the party Catherine was attending was going on. I didn't do so hot. I only got a 159, although that should have been about 20 pins higher since we had the bumper guards up and that prevented me from picking up the 10 pin a couple times. After leaving the 10 pin three times in a row I made the comment that I thought it was nailed down and Quinn just looked at me not realizing I was joking and told me very straight faced that none of the bowling pins were nailed to the floor.

We walked over to see Catherine a couple times and bowling over there just seemed like it was complete chaos with all the kids. I only bowled one game, partly because I realized the bumpers weren't doing me any favors and halfway through the game they decided to turn out the lights. Quinn did a lot better at actually throwing the ball straight today. At least for the first couple of games until he decided to start trying to throw an eight pound ball instead of the six pound one he was using for the first two games (he wanted to throw a heavier ball because I've told him in the past that he can't have his own bowling ball until he can throw a 12 pound ball).

Quinn and I left before the party was over. The really good part was in the car afterwards when he explained he really wanted Mom to come home too. I explained that I would be there, and then he informed me that he knew that, but he liked Mom better. When we got home we experimented and removed Quinn's training wheels from his bike. We did a couple rides across the cul-de-sac and he did pretty good. He has trouble steering at the moment. He concentrates so hard on keeping his balance and pedaling fast enough to maintain balance that actually turning is problematic. Still, for the first time I thought he did pretty good. And since he's almost seven it really seems like I should have done this a while ago. I'm guessing he'll do better with more practice.

I have no idea what it is that's currently blooming outside, but whatever it is has completely knocked me for a loop. Hard to believe a couple years ago I had never been affected by pollen and now I seem to be showing signs of allergies on a yearly basis. Shortly after Quinn did his no training wheel ride Ginger and Catherine came home and we all went to the playground for a bit where being outside in the pollen bothered me even more.

At one point while Ginger, Quinn and I were at the basketball court we heard Catherine yelling for help. She had started doing the monkey bars and had made it several rungs out and had gotten stuck and was just hanging there. We didn't stay out too long since something in the air was bothering me. After sitting in the grass it was making us itch and it was pretty hot out and kids were starting to sweat after about half an hour or so.

And here's the really sad thing. Even with the new camera I can still screw things up. Before we left bowling I had taken a picture of Quinn's score (he got a 116 his last game) and I had jacked the ISO setting up to 1600 for the shot. And wouldn't you know it I completely forgot to reset it so all the shots we took at the playground had a fair amount of noise in them from being shot at ISO 1600. Although there was less noise that I would have expected from shooting with film speed that high. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely noticeable, but you can judge by checking out the playground pictures yourself that for that speed I would have expected a lot more noise than what showed up.

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