Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Big Wall Of China

Fairly blasé day today. Ginger had toddler duty at church this morning so she had to go even though she got home so late last night. Catherine went with her, but I on the other hand stayed home with Quinn. Ginger didn't think he should go if he might be running a fever. Even though the fever is more than likely due to the ear infection and thus I don't believe it's contagious. I guess after being in there and other people bringing in kids that are sick has made her really sensitive to even thinking about doing it to someone else. Ginger also had a meeting after church for all the people on the nursery rotations ao she didn't get back home until much later in the afternoon. While Ginger and Catherine were away Quinn and I kept busy watch the new animated Spectacular Spider-Man and playing Lego Star Wars (Quinn had to eat dried strawberries to play, I think he liked them since he ended up eating about 10 throughout the day in order to keep playing). Above is what Catherine made in church today.

The kids can be funny. I forget how the subject started (I think it had something to do with Lego structures), but the subject of the wall in China came up. And I told the kids the Great Wall of China was one of the man made structures that could be seen from space. I freely admit not having first hand proof of this though and yes, I know it's not *that* visible, but from low orbit I believe you can make it out. This prompted Catherine to "correct" me and tell me the name is not the Great Wall of China, but the Big Wall of China. We went back and forth a few times with each of us insisting we were right until Catherine decided to compromise and said we could just call it the Great Big Wall of China.


CAPT_Sawyer said...

When I was out at Scott AFB last week 2 Government employees argued for a good 10 minutes in the cube next to where I was sitting about whether The Biggest Loser was actually The Biggest Loser or Big, Fat Loser. At one point, they thought it might be called The Biggest Fat Loser.

My tax dollars at work.

gaz said...

the genius that is childhood at work again i see.