Saturday, April 05, 2008

Catherine's Day Out

So Quinn's still pretty sick. He's worse in the morning and at night though. We rounded out the day in the morning and evening with instances of throwing up. But during the day itself he seemed pretty chipper for the most part (at least when the ibuprofen was in his system). I think he might have played a bit too hard during the day, because tonight he's started this coughing fit (which is what I think led to tonight's throwing up incident). Because of that you can expect this to be a heavy Catherine photo posting.

So since Ginger's still not recovered and Quinn's ill I decided I would take Catherine out to play (also it gets me away from the infestation within the house and one can only hope lowers my chance of catching whatever this is). This morning Catherine biked to one of the playgrounds near our house. We ended up having the playground all to ourselves. It was an absolutely beautiful day, so I don't quite understand why no one else was at the playground. Unless everyone went into DC to see the cherry blossoms, I had wanted to do that but this virus working it's way through our house pretty much made that an impossibility. Maybe next weekend.

While we were at the park swinging it's possible that Catherine may have witnessed me exit my swing in the way I used to as a kid. Which is rather than stopping at your upswing you leap from the swing and fly through the air. Now Ginger has mentioned the dangers of me not thinking before I do stuff, and she's right, I don't. I obviously wasn't here either, because after I landed a couple second later I hear swing chains and turn around to see Catherine flying through the air. She didn't quite stick the landing, but luckily she was fine and just got a little dirty. It didn't phase her though since right after that she got back on and did it several more times.

Later in the day after lunch Catherine and I went out again and wandered through woods out back. Eventually we came out the other side and went to another playground near where we were. There weren't any swings at this one though, just a slide, monkey bars and the sliding pole which. Her actions on the pole managed to make my heart stop a couple times when she would pull numbers like the one above.

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