Friday, April 18, 2008

I Have A Package For A Captain America

Marvel comic's hot new series is Secret Invasion. Where Skrulls (alien shapeshifters that can take on the form of anyone) have made a preemptive strike on Earth by infiltrating and replacing key people, possibly even some of Earth's heroes. The first issue was a huge hit and sold out. Which sounds impressive until you realize they print comic book runs to the exact number of preorders, so in a sense every issue of every book sells out since all copies are sold to distributors. That aside, Secret Invasion has enough reorders to warrant another printing, and thus gets a new cover for the "Second Printing". Why a new cover? Because that's how they get collection completists out there to buy multiple copies of the same book, slap another cover on it (the first issue had at least three different cover versions already). So above we have the cover for the second printing of issue one and a couple of things stand out. First off check out Captain "Endowed" America. I know the super soldier serum "enhanced" him, but that's just ridiculous. Then there's Ms Marvel (to the right and behind Cap) who has decided to face in the complete opposite direction as everyone else so you can see her semi thong buttock costume, yet she still wants to know what's going on so she's looking over her shoulder.

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CAPT_Sawyer said...

The Fantastic Four woman looks positively fat! ;-)