Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Music Boy

The above is another shot from Richmond this past weekend. Quinn's musical interest are all over the map at any given time. Sometimes he wants to learn guitar, sometimes it's drums, other times it's the piano, and when at Grammy and Pop pop's house it's all about the trumpet. Recently he was thinking he wanted to take cello lessons (probably because there's another kid in his school that plays the cello). I think that might have just been a whim though since we haven't heard anything about that recently. Good thing too since it seems like that could end up being pretty expensive.

Above is a flower that has some significant history to it that I don't actually know. It's a flower that Quinn started growing at some point. I don't know whether it was for Ginger specifically or just something he started growing. Not even sure when he first started it. But we've got it outside now (although I think it almost got completely pummeled during the recent downpour we had).

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Ben Kelly said...

Let me know if you have any trumpet questions. I played for 10 or so years.

Do you think Quinn will need braces down the road? If so, you might want to avoid brass instruments. Its painful to play with braces and it could derail his musical interest later on.

Anyway, just a thought.