Sunday, April 20, 2008

Day Trip: Road Trip To Richmond

Today seemed like a long day. After church we grabbed a bite to eat at Baja Fresh and then headed to Richmond to visit Grandmaw (and Grammy, Pop pop and JJ also). I think we got on the road at about one thirty or so and we got there right around three thirty. Then after four hours (which included dinner) we drove back home. It was worth it though since Grandmaw is doing a bit better now since coming home from the hospital and it let the kids get to see. Now mind you, I think the kids said the obligatory hello and then spent the majority of the time playing other things (Catherine was reading a lot and Quinn was racing / bowling / playing the trumpet). Four hours on the road though does make for a long day. And it was raining pretty hard for most of the day, and it's never fun driving in a lot of traffic in hard rain. The good news about the rain though is it seems to have solved my pollen problem and I wasn't dying from allergies like I felt like I was yesterday.

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