Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dan's Life Is Really Slow

I like Steve Carell. Always have, especially back when he was on the Daily Show on a regular basis. Him and Colbert were hysterical when they would do the Even Steven sketch. But while Carell is a riot on The Office (new episodes return this week with a one hour episode) his movies have been hit or miss, which is a polite way of saying mostly misses with the occasional hit (in making that proclamation I'm deliberately ignoring movies where only he does a voice over in a an animated film). So I shouldn't have been surprised when we watched Dan In Real Life and it was real boring and the movie feels like it just drags along. Boring might be too strong a word. Maybe it's just heartwarming. It's a huge romantic chick flick. I think the plot synopsis is something like "an advice columnist widower with three daughters finds out the woman he meets and falls for in a bookstore is his brother's girlfriend." There's very little in the way of humor. There are a couple chuckle moments, but I'm not sure it's worth wading through the whole movie to see them. The movie seems to rely on "let's put Dan (Carell) in an awkward situation and watch how he reacts". Ginger's comment was "It was better than I was expecting a Steve Carell movie to be." Which is a fancy way of saying Steve Carrel isn't playing his normal typecast and trying to do a real dramedy. Overall I was disappointed, but if you're looking for a date night flick you I suppose you could do worse.

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BullBunky said...

Well, I have to agree. I slept through this one on SEVERAL United flights. On each flight, it seemed, I would tune in to a different scene, because I thought it would redeem the entire movie. Never found one.