Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Weekend Plan In Flux

So this weekend we were planning on heading down to Richmond. The NASCAR races are in Richmond this weekend and for Quinn's birthday Ginger's parents bought him tickets to the Nationwide series race (formerly the Busch series) on Friday night. We were also planning on having a party for him since they can't travel up here. The problem is Ginger's grandmother has been readmitted to the hospital, so all the plans are up in the air. I'm pretty sure we're still planning on going down, but who takes Quinn to the race is now up in the air. I know it won't be me though since my job that day will be hanging out with Catherine and trying to entertain her. I'm also looking to go see Iron Man before we leave for Richmond, but that means I'll have to see it Thursday, and from what I've read it is opening a day early, but won't start playing until 8 PM. Anyone interested in going to see it Thursday night?

A while back I finally got around to watching Gone Baby Gone. not sure why it took me so long to watch this one. I suspect it's because I felt the movie probably wasn't going to be that good given the poor box office performance (it only made about 20 million). While the story is based off a book the screenplay was written by Ben Affleck. Ben was also the director and a producer. All of which says to me he was heavily involved in this movie. So here's the thing, when I first started watching it I was a bit distracted that the main character sounds a lot like Ben Affleck and even sort of looked like him. Turns out it's his brother Casey Affleck. So at this point I was thinking, "Great, this is just a vehicle for him to get his brother into acting." But here's the thing I realized after watching it. This Casey Affleck has some real acting chops. I mean he's good, or at least seemed to be good playing the moody private detective. The story is simply about Patrick (Casey) and his girlfriend Angie who are private detectives in Boston and how they get hired to try and find a little girl that has gone missing. There's no shortage of acting talent in this movie either since it also has Ed Harris and Morgan Freeman. Overall the movie was leaps and bounds above what I was expecting going in and I was more than pleasantly surprised.

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CAPT_Sawyer said...

Hope Ginger's grandmother gets better soon.