Monday, April 07, 2008

Looking Good

We may have finally turned a corner. Looks like Quinn is feeling somewhat better. Without any ibuprofen today he didn't have a fever (at least nothing other than a mild one around 99 degrees). And he's almost back to his old self, which means his disrespectful behavior to his parents is about land him in a world of trouble. I believe the plan is to still have him stay home tomorrow, but after that he'll probably be returning to school. The only reason he's not going back to tomorrow is there was a small incident of the runs (or as Quinn refers to it it, vomiting out your butt) that occurred tonight and Ginger wants to make sure that's not part of the virus. I suspect it has less to do with the virus and more to do with the fact that after four days of eating nothing other than bread, toast and cheerios when he wolfed down a ton of food from Wendy's tonight his body rebelled. Nothing like some greasy food when you're not used to it to throw your system off kilter.

Has anyone else that uses blogger for uploading pictures noticed that the percentage used has stopped updating? My value seems to have stalled for the last couple of weeks I think.


BullBunky said...

With all the vomiting and runs in your blog of late, I will need to stope reading over my morning latte. Blech.

As for the blogger upload...all I noticed was that I couldn't upload more than one shot at a time. Ticked me off. Hopefully that will be fixed.

JamesF said...

Hopefully you can still read in the mornings since I believe all the sickness is behind for a bit (unless I come down with it).

And I ran into the one at a time upload thing too, but after researching it a bit I found out it still works, they've just changed the behavior. It used to be you could all all the extra slots to upload up front, but they've changed it so you can't add slots until you've filled in something on the existing line. So fill in a line, add a line, fill a line, add a line, etc. I have no idea why they would make a change like that (other than to avoid the possibility of having to handle uploading nothing). The new way is very annoying since in the past I would always just add all the slots I needed then fill them out one at a time.

BullBunky said...

Ah, good feedback. I'll try that. That IS very annoying, but it just goes on the long list of things I dislike about Blogger's edit features.