Monday, April 28, 2008

Just Friends

I had planned on putting together some video footage of Catherine riding her bike without the training wheels tonight, but when I went down to my old computer and started trying to work on it once I loaded the video onto the computer I only had about 500 MB of data left on the drive, and movie maker simply can't function on a file that's over a Gig in size in that limited amount of space, so I need to do some work on cleaning up some space on that drive before I can do anything else.

A while back Ginger and I watched Just Friends. It's a romantic comedy that focuses more on the comedy than the romance. It also stars Ryan Reynolds, who I really like as an actor mainly because all of his roles seem to involve a heavy amount of sarcasm. If I had to guess I would think Reynolds is playing his role in this film pretty close to the vest. There won't be a lot of surprises in this movie, but it is funny a lot more often than it isn't. I think Ginger liked it (probably a bit less than me if I had to guess since I suspect after living with me she probably doesn't find sarcasm to be amusing). Probably the one bad thing about the movie is it was made a couple of years ago when it was all the rage to dress up actors in fat suits. Luckily the time in the fat suit is kept to a minimum and only used for plot setup. As for the plot itself, it's pretty simple. The movie starts in high school where Chris (Ryan Reynolds) is crushing on his best friend / cheerleader Jaime (Amy Smart). He gets the "just friends" speech and it devastates him. And then just like that we flash forward to the present day where we see as a result of that rejection Chris has transformed himself into an attractive, successful, suave record producer who is also lady killer who seems to be able to get any girl he wants (and one could say is even more than bit heartless). Through a sequence of circumstances that could only happen in a movie Chris ends up having to return to his hometown where Jaime still lives and hijinks.

I should point out that Reynolds has also signed on to play Deadpool (the Merc with a Mouth that I've mentioned previously) in the forthcoming Wolverine movie, so even if the rest of that movie blows, I suspect at least the Deadpool portion will be good.

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