Saturday, April 26, 2008

Now Catherine Wants No Training Wheels

This morning Quinn was in Catherine's room using her rocking and chair and went a bit crazy. He ended up swinging back pretty far and cracking his head on her dresser. After some consoling from Mom, Catherine decide to try and help him feel better by letting one of her stuffed animals sit with him. Then she got him another, and another, and another until Quinn was completely surrounded by stuffed animals.

Later I took the kids outside for a bit and after fixing Quinn's brakes to be at the correct angle Quinn practiced riding his bike again with no training wheels. And considering this was really only the second time he's ridden without them I was stunned how good he did. There's no way had I just seen him riding it today that I would have suspected he had only rode across the cul-de-sac a couple times the week before. The improvement was that good. He's even to the point where he doesn't need any help starting up. After that we had to break out the moon bounce for a bit since it's been a while since the kids have played with that. Although now their preferred way to play with it is to turn it off and on constantly.

Once Ginger came out Quinn showed off his bike riding skills for her. Of course Quinn getting all the attention made Catherine want some attention too, and when she didn't get enough riding her bike around she decided she wanted to try and ride without her training wheels also. So we decided to give that a shot. It's not coming quite as naturally to her (the balancing thing is still causing her some problems I think), but she did better than I would have expected. We did get her to the point where she could ride for a bit, but she does her longest rides when going up a slight incline (not sure why that is). Still, considering she's two years younger than Quinn and this was her first time ever I thought she did pretty good (I'll try and get some video of her up soon). She doesn't do as good going on downhill inclines (however slight) and at one point when she stopped herself the pedal ended up hitting and scratching the back of her leg and she about lost it so that was the end of Catherine's bike riding for the day. Sadly I don't have any pictures of this event since I was running along her / behind to try and catch her in case things took a turn for the worse (we do have video, but I didn't have time to process any of that yet).

Quinn went out a couple more times and continued to impress me with how good he's doing. After this I'm thinking I obviously waited too long to take his training wheels off in the first place. And once again being outside was killing my allergies (you know, those allergies that prior to two or three years ago I never had). Luckily in the afternoon it rained, so I should be good for a couple days until things dry out again.

For dinner I drove into old town to meet Matt and a group of his friends for a birthday dinner for him. I think in all the years I've lived up here I've probably only been to old town a handful of times at most. Parking wasn't as bad as it had been on my previous visits, but I think that's because the place we went (a Tokyo Japanese Steak House called TJSH) is outside of what most people might consider old town. The meal was good, but it felt really odd to be going out to dinner somewhere without Ginger and or the kids.

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