Friday, March 28, 2008

A Return To Health

Catherine has finally started to get better I think. Of course she wouldn't actually admit this until later in the day when we told her there was no school tomorrow. But she didn't have a temperature today so I think she's well on the way to recovery. In fact she was so much improved that we were all able to go out to eat at Outback. This worked out well since I felt Ginger deserved to be taken out tonight and if we had stayed at home I was going to be cooking and to be honest I'm not sure what we would have eaten (probably jelly sandwiches). This was a big day for Ginger since I think tonight was the first time Ginger has left the house (other than to go get the mail a couple of times) since last Saturday. And everyone, including Catherine, was outside and running around when I came to pick them up for dinner so she's obviously feeling better.

And more good news, we found out today that Ginger's grandmother seems to be doing a bit better. So we're all very excited about that and hope she continues on the way to recovery. I think Ginger had been preparing the kids for the worst this morning since during the ride to school Quinn was explaining to me how Grandma was in the hospital and was really sick.

A brief rant about Outback's call ahead system. We called ahead to put our name on the list, and were told the wait was about 15 minutes. We said we would be there in about 30 minutes. And then once we showed up we were told the wait would be 15 minutes. And I'm fairly certain that everyone that was there before we showed up got seated before we did. So I have to ask what exactly is the point of their call ahead system if they don't put your name on the list and start the clock until you get there?

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