Friday, March 21, 2008

Brick And Mirror Brick

So here's a close up of the Bricks. In retrospect I should have exaggerated the goatee a bit and made it significantly bigger. Or done a close up shot of him. Another point the video obscured is the different symbols on the uniform, which now I'm really showing my Star Trek geekiness. I guess and I should quit now before I sound like even more of an über nerd. Since I did have someone ask why it took five hours, I will say from concept to script to final product there were significant changes made along the way. At first I was going to do actual voice overs, but I couldn't locate the wav files I needed and searching for those took a long time. Once I realized I wasn't going to be able to locate the files I needed I had to rewrite the script a bit. Then finding the Star Trek intro scene took a while. I never was able to find that in an importable video format, so eventually I ended up playing the intro on youtube and filming the computer while it played. The ultimate low budget movie.

Ginger and the kids came back home today. They got back this afternoon. Ginger said traffic was pretty bad on the interstate, which completely proved what I thought wrong since I had figured people would be fleeing this area for the weekend versus coming to it and the reverse commute wouldn't be so bad.

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The Dogfather said...

I still say it was well done for a budget of $0. For future reference I have the classic Star Treks on DVD (TV show, not movies).