Saturday, March 08, 2008

My Gymnists

So much for getting to sleep in a bit on Saturday morning. The kids have both missed a gymnastics class in the past couple of weeks due to being sick, so we decided to attend a class today since there was a makeup class Catherine could attend which started at 9 and one Quinn could attend that started at 9:15. Still way too early for me, but I wanted to go since I've never been to one of their gymnastics classes.

Once we were there I thought we were going to have a minor problem. When Catherine realized she didn't know any of the teachers or other kids she went into her withdrawal mode. Luckily it only took her about five minutes before she decided to actually go out and join the group. Quinn didn't have any problems like that and was out there immediately. As far as ability I was really impressed with Catherine. She's like a little monkey girl. She was climbing the rope ladder all the way to the top, and she was able to do the balance beam with a beanbag on her head. And I overheard the instructor giving her props and telling the other kids to watch what Catherine was doing on the uneven bar exercises.

Quinn doesn't seem to have the upper body strength he would need to really do well on some of the activities. And he sort of cheats at doing situps, but he seemed to do really well on the rings. I didn't get any really good shots since this was an indoor gym and I was shooting from across the room so there's a ton of stuff between me and him, but he was able to do the rings and get himself into an upside down position and hold it for a while. It seemed impressive to me. He had a harder time with the activity where they would run, put their hands on the ground and do a flip onto mat.

And I have to say the the Star Wars Lego game for the Wii is a huge hit. I have to admit, the game is a ton of fun. I still can't believe it's six full games in one package. True, all six games are just being repackaged and they've all been released individually before, but I never got them when they were released. We've only just started, so we're playing Episode One at the moment. The kids call Jar Jar Binks a girl and Catherine already likes the fact that story has a princess in it. The best thing about the game so far is it allows for co-op play, so Quinn and I were busting open a can of Jedi whoop ass on the Trade Federation droids. This is the first game in a while that's gotten Quinn actively looking for new foods to try. In the past week he's eaten a piece of strawberry, some of a chicken quesadilla, a slice of banana and a couple of good sized pieces of baked potato. And I know none of that sounds like a big deal, but getting him to try these things and do it voluntarily (okay, mostly voluntarily) is a huge step. And I'm liking it because it lets me play the Wii!

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