Monday, March 17, 2008

My (Evidently Not Original) Barack Theory

Up above is another image from our visit to Frying Pan Park last Saturday. I liked the shot until I got home and zoomed in and noticed the airplane above the building.

Catherine left us today to go spend a couple days at Grammy's. This week is spring break from school for the kids so this seemed like a good time. This means we have Quinn by himself, so we can go out to eat at places like Joe's Crabshack for dinner since that's normally a place we wouldn't be able to go with Catherine. Quinn's already requested we schedule in a trip to IHOP at some point before Catherine gets back.

So moving on to my Barack theory about why it is Barack Obama is so popular. I realize I'm coming to the party late and he may already be over this popular phase, but I think it's worth looking back and seeing how he may have gotten to where he is. This is another one of those cases where I've come up with an idea that I believed to be original only to find out after googling it that it's been at least considered and explored elsewhere. But essentially I believe that Barack Obama has a David Palmer vibe going for him. And not the morally ambiguous David Palmer from Season 3 of 24 that did some questionable stuff, but rather the upstanding righteous man of principle that was in Seasons 1 and 2 (and to a lesser extent Seasons 4 and 5). The TV show 24 pretty much made David Palmer out to the ideal President. Someone morally grounded and with strong principles, but also willing to make the tough choices when called upon. Essentially they portrayed him as a modern day version of Abraham Lincoln. I think Obama's initial campaign message of change and needing to do what's right resonated with people as David Palmerish. And really, who could argue against David Palmer as President? You can't. Plus he's got Jack Bauer on speed dial. Who needs a surge in Iraq to protect America when you have Jack Bauer at your disposal.

And let me say while I think Obama might have been reminiscent of David Palmer back when the election was more about each candidate's vision and ideal of where the country needed to be, I don't think that's the case anymore. Since in the past month or so the election has turned away from the vision and has turned more towards some mudslinging (which is disappointing, but not really unsurprising as it was bound to happen at some point). I still don't know who will eventually end up with the Democratic candidacy, but it certainly seems like both candidates are in it for the long haul and I suspect it's all going to come down to the convention and some legal wrangling over what to do with Florida and Michigan's delegates. I also believe that in the process of dragging out the decision this long into the process that both candidates will end up burning one another so badly that I suspect that fact coupled with the addition of Nader in the race means that McCain will have will be the eventual winner. Already the media is having a field day with which candidate will be able to win over that elusive demographic, the white male voter.


Barry said...

Tony Kornheiser was talking about David Palmer and Barack Obama months ago. His spin was a little different in that he felt David Palmer got people to get over any fear of a Black President, thus paving the way for Obama. Kind of strange idea that a fictional figure would pave the way for a something pretty historic; a serious black presidential candidate. But, I think there is something to it.

gaz said...

it wouldn't be the first time tv has influenced public opinion.
i mean, why would companies bother pushing their products through advertising if it didn't make a difference. people spend more time watching tv shows now than ever before in history, that's bound to have some influence on their mindset. i reckon if dennis haysbert ran for president he'd come very close to (if not actually) winning! he is recorded as being the best president the us never had.