Saturday, March 29, 2008

Burning Down The House

Saturday felt a lot busier than it was. Catherine is doing much better as you can probably tell. It took what I thought felt like forever before we actually managed to get out of the house. First up was a trip by the library to drop off some videos I rented last week and pick up a book Ginger had on reserve. And from the looks of things Ginger also checked out about half the library (I kid, but she left with more books than you could carry in your hand and needed a bag to carry all of them).

After that once we got home I had to replace the low beam light in Ginger's car (see previous post). After I got that replaced finally and we had lunch Quinn and I went out to meet Pete for some tennis. I used to think I was pretty good at tennis, but after today I realize how bad I really am. Pete's just really good, as Quinn kept pointing every time I missed a shot Pete hit by me. I told Quinn if he kept practicing maybe one day he could be really good and he said "Yea, like Pete!"

Once we got home Quinn and I played some Lego Star Wars since at Outback Friday night he tried steak and some baked potatoe. He acted like he didn't like the steak, but I think it may be something he might like after another couple of tries. I suspect he may end up liking steak in the long run and then my frugle sense will start tingling since I'm not thrilled with the idea of buying the kid steak on a regular basis. On the other hand if he were to actually eat I would probably do it, at least initially.

For dinner I cooked some chicken thighs out on the grill (just for me, no one else wanted any, especially after they got crispy). So I read a recipe online that said to cook them over an open grill. As I did that let's say the flames got a little out of control (blackened chicken anyone?). It got worse than what's in the picture and since I didn't want to house to burn down I eventually just closed the lid (which still didn't extinguish the flames). So how is one suppose to grill chicken without the flames going crazy?


Pete said...

Does Outback have Dan Quayle making up its menu?

JamesF said...

Nope, sadly that would be all me. Although that does explain why Firefox thought it was misspelled, but it doesn't explain why Firefox couldn't suggest the proper spelling. I'm leaving the wrong spelling in the post so that I can marvel later at how bad my spelling / grammar is.