Saturday, March 15, 2008

Back To Frying Pan Park

Today we decided it was such a nice day out that we simply had to take the kids to the park. This meant deciding to go, then getting ready to go, and then deciding we would eat lunch out at Whole Foods, then having to wait on the kids to actually eat their lunch. So after all that we didn't even get to the park until almost three.

We decided to go to Frying Pan Park, which I must say is significantly more crowded on weekends than the other times I've been there. I suspect that part of the reason it was so crowded was there was a horse auction going on. Ginger wouldn't let us buy a horse (something about not having anywhere to keep it and the whole not knowing a single thing about raising horses).

The kids did get to see some baby lambs, calves and piglets though. And we even took the tractor ride around the farm (which I have to say wasn't that exciting, but the kids seemed to enjoy it). Plus I used today as a test run for switching over to using the new D200. Part of the reason I hadn't switched over earlier was some of the settings were really odd and I didn't know how to get it back to a setting I was comfortable with. But after reading the manual for most of this morning I was at least able to locate how to fix some of the settings that were bothering me the most. Having the setting be all messed up isn't that unexpected though since I did buy the camera used. But it was a learning experience and I feel like I know a bit more about the camera now.

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