Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Eggstravaganza 2008

Today was the day of the annual Easter Eggstravaganza. Every year the church we attend puts together an Easter event for kids in the community and today was the day of the event. They have things like easter egg hunts, fire trucks, police cars, ambulances, moon bounces, pony rides, face painting and various carnival type games. The day started out looking nice and warm, then appeared to be seriously threatening rain (and there were even some brief sprinkles), but eventually it cleared up again and turned out to be really nice. Sadly I had been convinced it was going to rain and ended up carrying around umbrellas for the group all day even though we ended up not needing them.

Overall it was a lot of fun and the kids seemed to have a pretty good time. The fire truck and ambulance weren't there long. They got called off to some emergency pretty quick into the event. I hope wherever they ended up having to go that everyone was okay. I ended up with more pictures of Quinn than of Catherine at the end of the day, but that's in large part because the two of them kept wanting to do different things and go off on their own, so Ginger would go with Catherine (to things like face painting) and I would go with Quinn (to the moon bounce and pony ride). I forget where Quinn won the monocle looking thing, but that ended up being one of his favorite things he brought back home.

Quinn and Catherine were in the same age category for the egg hunt. The eggs aren't so much hidden as they are strewn across a sectioned off area. I tried giving them both some advice, ignore the eggs near the entrance to the area and head to the back. Quinn heeded this advice and ended up with a ton of eggs where he was collecting all by himself for a bit (a bit being maybe a minute, but that was about half the time the egg hunt took). Catherine on the other hand spent her time looking for "hidden" eggs versus the ones out in the open. The whole thing was over pretty fast. If the egg hunt lasted a full three minutes I would be surprised (I think it was just over two minutes though). But it was a full two minutes of chaos. And the kids really seemed to enjoy it. They had egg hunts for three or four different age ranges, and they did each age range twice throughout the day (our kids only participated once and that was for the second occurrence of their age group, mainly because we got there too late for the first one). I think I heard a statistic that they had over 18,000 plastic eggs for event. And this year we helped in the weeks before the event with stuffing 500 of those eggs with candy.

The pony ride was really long earlier, but later the line shortened enough to the point where Catherine was even able to get a ride in. The rides consisted of a really short jaunt around a specified area.

Afterwards we had lunch at Pomodoro with Rob and his clan. I even got Quinn to try a healthy sized piece of pasta with little to no complaining on his part in return for the promise of playing through a chapter of Lego Star Wars. And once we got home and started playing is when things started going pear shaped. Catherine was watching us play, and after a while complained her head was hurting. Then a bit later she complained about it some more, and then she was off to the bathroom where she threw up. After that Ginger tried to get her to go upstairs, but she apparently wasn't done hurling yet and let loose once more in my office (the good news is my office downstairs is one of the few rooms in the house that has tile on the floor). So after taking her temperature it appears it's possible Catherine has managed to get the flu. The rest of the day was spent with Catherine just hanging out on the couch watching TV (which even though the kids don't like not feeling well, I think they know when they get sick hey get to veg in front of the TV and they seem to like that a lot). Quinn also ended up watching even though he wasn't sick (although tonight before bed he was complaining he had a headache, so we'll see what happens with that). So it looks like there won't be any Easter Sunday Church for us tomorrow as we have a house full of potentially contagious people.

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