Saturday, October 21, 2006

Will Pays A Visit

My cousin Will came up today to hang out with us for a bit. So for fun we took the kids and wandered around through the woods behind the house for a while (to the kids it was a grand adventure). I took a trash bag out with us and tried to clean up some of the trash that's back there along the creek (it's purely for selfish reasons, that way I don't have some of my pictures ruined because there's a piece of trash in it). I also took a few pictures of everyone while we were out there.

After that we all headed out to Ledo's Pizza for lunch. And after that it was off to the Northern VA Model Railroaders openhouse in Vienna. Their schedule we picked up last month listed today as a day they were open and since the kids really enjoyed this the last time (okay, mostly Quinn), we decided to go again. I think the place where the exhibit is used to be this place, but I'm not one hundred percent positive about that. We met up with Rob and Gretchen and Tyler who were already there (shh, don't tell Catherine, but Autumn wasn't there because she got to attend a Disney Princess on Ice show).

After a while Karen showed up with Amanda, so we had even more kids. While the whole picture out the window up on top of the caboose was pretty cool, Catherine did manage to give me a fright on more than one or two occasions as she leaned a bit further out the window than I would have liked.

You'll just have to take my word that we eventually went to the model train exhibit since I only took a couple pictures there (and to be honest, since I'm fairly heavy on pictures for today already, there's no real reason to show pictures of the trains). Quinn was in there for a really long time. Amanda and Catherine got bored after a bit and Ginger went off with them while Will and I stayed behind as Quinn continued to be fascinated. It was actually nice in that it gave me some time to catch up with Will about stuff he's doing. We closed the place down at five and then started making our way home. We eventually got home after a stop by a toy store and the comic book store (the comic book store trip was for Will, you believe that, right?).

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