Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Blogger Blows A Gasket (Again!)

How annoying, I go to make my post for the night and blogger blows a gasket or something and is completely inaccessible. I swear, if this service wasn't free, and I wasn't already entrenched, I would seriously think about considering the possibility of maybe entertaining the idea of switching to something else. And I'm not kidding!

From the comic entertainment world (which I just know everyone loves to hear about) there's some news about Moon Knight. Yea, I know, at this point 95% of you are going Moon Who? Think of him as Marvel's answer to Batman, but with a multiple personality disorder (oh, just think of the hilarity that can ensue). It seems as if they're planning on developing Moon Knight into a television series. I'll go ahead and make a couple of predictions. This show will be so bad that it will never make it onto the air. Or if it does, it'll be cancelled faster than Birds of Prey. At least Birds of Prey had scantily clad hot chicks fighting in it to make up for the poor writing and acting (not that, you know, I ever watched it or anything).

Got another outdoor nature shot. The well is starting to run dry here as I'm getting to the pictures that just barely make the threshold of being post worthy.

Finally, here's that video I was talking about a couple of nights ago of how I have to light the grill. KennyG, wait, I mean "Fire Marshal Bill", mentioned that I can just buy a new igniter. I'm not sure that's what the problem is though. When I do push in the igniter, I hear it making a constant clicking noise, but the grill just never lights up.


Scott said...

Jesus, James! Do you have any knuckle hair left?? And I'm happy to point out that this is the first bit of cursing I've seen on any of our blogs.

I'm surprised that you don't have a manual lighting hole somewhere lower on the grill. Mine has a little hole where you can stick in a match or a lighter like you were using.

Buddy said...

I have never heard anyone say $4^+ any faster. At least we know that your nervous system and adrenalin response is working well :-)

...seriously dude get it fixed or get a new grill; I don't want to hear about you on one of those CNN scrolling banner blurbs.

JamesF said...

Ok, I didn't actually say "$#!t", although I went back and relistened and I will certainly admit that's what it sounds like I said, but it isn't.

-s said...

I started to do a port from blogger to WordPress for the salemfood blog, but in the middle of the process my blog got picked up by the local newspaper and my traffic increased to the point that I didn't want to confuse people.

The port went smoothly with the exception of the pictures, which were a huge problem (some show up, most don't.) That in itself would have been a major project, and I hadn't finished major project #1 of tagging all 200+ posts when the paper linked. Needless to say I wasn't entirely sad to give it up.

But yeah, blogger is the absolute bottom rung of blogging.

Amy said...

Not bad - Generally I turn both burners up all the way and toss lit matches from several feet away. It saves my knuckle hair (not that I have much!!) Now THAT'S a fire!