Friday, October 20, 2006

Leaves They Are A Falling

I did one of those father son bonding things today and picked up Quinn from school and took him to Chic-fil-A for some food. Since they use peanut oil Quinn almost never gets to go and he loves their french fries. The reason we went is because earlier in the week when I got home late one night, the kids were already upstairs and getting in bed. There were some french fries left downstairs on the table so I grabbed some and ate them as I went upstairs to say good night to the kids. Quinn immediately asked what I was eating and then got really upset because those were his leftover fries and he thought he was going to eat them the next day (he hasn't quite figured out the whole fast food isn't even that good fresh, much less a day later). I promised him a trip to Chic-fil-A to make it up to him and that calmed him down.

So I think we may have gone from just about to the point where the foliage is almost ready for good for picture taking to just missed the opportunity in just a day. Between the rain last night knocking off a bunch of leaves and the high winds of today, we went from having almost no leaves on the ground to having the ground covered with leaves. This is our backyard now. Good thing I don't intend on raking this, otherwise my weekend would already be shot.

While I was out taking some pics I also learned that the 50mm Nikon lens I used to use with my old Nikon N70 doesn't work that great with the D70. I'm guessing I need to have a lens that has that D or ED rating for the camera to take full advantage of it.


Buddy said...

I really like that forest shot!

Alan said...

It is great to imagine walking that avenue !!!

BullBunky said...

Really like this one. I like the waves in the ground.