Monday, October 23, 2006

No Video Upload For You!

Catherine has started making a weird noise lately. She does it a lot, but particularly when she's mad. She blows air through her mouth and somehow manages to only vibrate her cheeks when she does it, so it sounds a bit like something flapping. It's really hard to describe it with just words. I have a video of it, but Google Video's instant upload isn't so instant at the moment (with as many problems as Google Video has on a regular basis, it's really no wonder they bought YouTube). In fact the other night I tried uploading a video of me trying to manually light our gas grill, and that video didn't upload either (the igniter on the grill is broken, so you manually have to ignite the gas, fun stuff).

Eventually those videos will be available, but until then, I have another shot from out back that I can post.

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Fire Marshal Bill said...

You can get replacement igniters at like Sears and stuff. Much safer (and convenient) than the lighter trick. But I know, I know... that "costs money"!! *gasp*