Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Birthday Party and Bowling

Catherine had a birthday party to attend today of one her classmates. Quinn wasn't invited though (he's in a different class), so I took Quinn bowling while Catherine went to the party to distract him from the fact that she got to go and he didn't. Unfortunately the party was a good ways away and it was only two hours, so Quinn and I were rushing around a lot. We only had time to play two games. As to why we had to rush around, it's because of that engine light on the Passat being on. Ginger didn't want to risk driving it anymore than necessary until it gets fixed, so that meant Quinn and I had to chauffeur Ginger and Catherine to and from the party.

Neither Quinn nor myself did all that well at bowling. I'm going to blame crappy lane conditions for my poor performance. I only scored 177 and 168 while Quinn scored 83 and 72. I mean it had to be the lanes, I completely buried the ball in the pocket a bunch of times and still didn't get the strike I deserved. As for Quinn, I think it was because he started the game using a six pound ball. He was doing a good job of aiming (sometimes, there was the occasional pinball off multiple gutter guard shots also), but the ball was just so light that he wasn't getting the pin action he should have. We switched him to an eight pound ball halfway through the second game and he showed some improvement from that. I had requested they put the gutter guards up for us, and after the first three frames, some guy in the group next to us comes over and tells me that we really don't need the gutter guards for Quinn (I'm unsure if he offered this opinion after watching Quinn bowl a couple of times, or thought just because of his age he shouldn't have them up). Then as if on cue, right after that the next three times Quinn threw he bounced the ball off the gutter guards.

After we picked up Ginger and Catherine after the party, it sounded like Catherine had a lot of fun from hearing her talk about it. They evidently had multiple entertainers (a magician and a clown at the very least). And Catherine also got a goodie bag that she really liked (since in it was a Disney princess book). Ginger took the other camera and took some pictures, but that camera really doesn't do well indoors in bad lighting, so none of the shots even remotely turned out.

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