Monday, October 30, 2006

View From The Top

Woo hoo! The Passat apparently had a four year warranty and not a three year warranty like we thought, so the repairs were covered. So Kudos to VW fixing it for free. Jeers to VW for the car needing to be fixed at all. Overall it's hard not to count that one as a win even though driving around in only the one car for those four days was really annoying. The problem (for the one or two of you actually interested) was a short in the coolant temperature sensor.

Since the leaves are changing colors and everything looks nice and colorful, I had this neat idea. I would take a picture of the skyline from the top of the building where I work, and I would see color for as far as the eye could see. Neat plan, but my execution leaves a lot to be desired. Problem one was when I took the picture. It was probably around noonish, so the lighting isn't anywhere near as warm as it could be. Problem two is there are apparently a lot of evergreens in the area, so you don't end up seeing as much color as I thought would be there (either that or the trees just haven't really started changing colors yet). Problem three is that even though you can see a fair distance from the top of the building, after a certain distance everything sort of blurs together in the picture. Problem four should have been obvious before I ever thought up the idea. There area a lot of roads and buildings in the area that simply detract from the picture.


-s said...

Sounds about right. My money was on the O2 sensor though.

Scott said...

The first picture is the best.