Sunday, October 22, 2006

Going To A Birthday Party

We said goodbye to Will this morning before we left for church. He had to head home to meet a client who wants their motorcycle detailed with some airbrushing and the kids had plans for the afternoon already anyway.

After church we hit the grocery store and then it was home for a quick lunch as the kids put on their costumes to attend a birthday party. One of the kids at the school they attend was having a birthday party and they had both been invited. And since the party was close to Halloween, they got to attend wearing costumes. Ginger drew the short straw and took the kids to the party (I joke, but she actually volunteered to go to make sure Catherine didn't eat anything that would cause problems). While everyone as gone, I goofed off at home. Okay, I wandered around the neighborhood and took some pictures, but that counts as goofing off as far as I'm concerned.

The party was a huge hit with the kids. They had face painting, a moon bounce, pony rides and a petting zoo (with at least rabbits and goats, not sure what else they had). Pretty impressive for just being in someone's backyard. And from the pictures Ginger took of the event, it looks like Carrot Top was giving there giving pony rides. My biggest fear at this point is I hope this doesn't give the kids any ideas about how fancy their birthday parties will be.


-s said...

If you host pony rides, who cleans up the turds?

JamesF said...

I would hope the people who brought the ponies. Or maybe that's a service that costs extra. Like how they ask you if you want a warranty when you buy an electronic. Except in this case it would be something most people wouldn't turn down.