Thursday, June 12, 2008

End Of School Ceremony

Today was Quinn's last day of school for the year. It was also the night of graduation ceremony from the elementary school. Since it's such a small school they only had one person graduating out of sixth grade. But the school has a rule where all the elementary kids have to attend the ceremony. I assume it's one of those things where the kid(s) don't have to feel bad then if no one shows up. The original plan was I was going to stay home with Catherine and Ginger would take Quinn since it started at seven and that's right around Catherine's bedtime. That was all well and good until Catherine insisted on going also. Once we got there we found out that Quinn and Franco are practically twins. There was no dress code at the school last night, but I'm guessing we must all shop at the same place or something. And it came as no surprise to Ginger or myself that once we were there Catherine was exhausted and crawled up in Ginger lap and looked like she might fall asleep.

During the ceremony the whole elementary class performed a few musical numbers. My guess this is a bone they're tossing the parents that have to bring the kids that aren't graduating to the ceremony. Sort of a "Yea, we're putting you out a bit, but you get to see your kid perform." If you'll remember Quinn's last school singing performance (not counting the Opera) was the last day of school before the winter break (I'm starting to think there's a correlation between school ending and singing performances). In that performance he had a stomach virus and was doubling over the entire time. Luckily there was no stomach bug this time, but that doesn't mean we got off scott free. No, right before the performance Quinn was sitting next to us constantly grabbing his crotch telling us it was itching (you can see where this is going). So of course during the singing for a couple of sections Quinn was there grabbing away in front of everyone. The last song he didn't know the words and had to read off a sheet of paper, so luckily there was no grabbing during the last song.

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