Thursday, June 26, 2008

QCTV Episode 3: Hula Hoops

Wow, this took way longer to make than I thought it was going to take. Then it ended up being super long (on the order of 14 mintues), but youtube only allows 10 minute videos now so I had to go in and rework it. So after it took 80 minutes to create and save the movie to disk the first time I later spent another 60 minutes saving it again. Lots of stuff ended up on the cutting room floor. A section where people would have been able to make fun of me as I attempted performance dance with the hula hoop. The end section has been greatly shortened, there used to be more going on with the guest stars, but that got cut back. I ended up speeding up a couple pieces just to get it under the 10 minutes. Was it worth it? Probably not. Could and should I have cut even more, probably. Let's see, what else. Right, how could I forget, I'm apparently a terrible actor / host. And did I mention how long it is? Seriously, if you watch this whole thing, give yourself a cookie. I will say if you're going to watch this (which since it is rather long I don't expect everyone will) head over to the actual youtube page for it and click the "watch in high quality" option, it looks a lot better in high quality.


BullBunky said...

James, the kids are always entertaining, but your little cutaways at the computer are fantastic. Oh, unless you didn't mean for them to be funny :)

Barry said...

very good show.